Hand Held Metal Detectors are designed for Weapon/Arms Screening and Loss Prevention. D4N Metal Detectors detect the complete range of metals and alloys with clear response and valuable LED and Audio alarms. More »


Door Frame Metal Detector are designed for Very High Speed of Detection.D4N DFMD are highly reliable and are programmed locally or remotely with networking capabilities. More »


D4N UVSS provides a clear view of the underbelly of the vehicles, front and rear of the vehicles in real-time. More »


Based on RFID and License plate recognition (LPR) technologies, TM-EVACS automatically allows only registered vehicles to enter or leave your premises. Registered vehicles either carry special RFID entry permits or have their license plate numbers registered with EVACS. Unregistered vehicles enter the premises only with explicit permission, which can be granted remotely. More »

Large Vehicle Bomb Detector More »

D4N Technologies

From 2010, D4N Technologies has been market reliable leaders in the area of Security Industry. We began to provide the ‘leading edge technologies’ with complete understanding of the client’s requirements in the area of Access Control & Security Surveillance. Today our mission is simple “Your Safety is our Priority”.

Each of our proposals looks at the return of investment made by the client both quantitatively and qualitatively. Though it is always said that in security the results can never be quantified; we believe that even ‘no incident’ is an achievement and certainly has a lot of value by way of life and property thus saved.

We have grown to provide major services of Access Control, Building Management System, Security Surveillance, Fire Fighting & Detection System, Networking & Products like Hand Held & Door Frame Metal Detector, Under Vehicle Surveillance to Schools, Airports, Government Bodies, Hospital, Hotel, Retail, Banks, Financial Institutions and many more.


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